Food-Grade Potassium Carbonate

Considering the fact which Iran is one of major producer and exporter of raisins in the world, Iran’s Raisins export account for 27% of the world’s raisins export earning the country over 25 million dollars each year and exports its raisins to over 100 countries around the world including Australia, UK, USA, Italy, France. Among other countries, the country produces average of 125000 metric tons of raising every year. Some of the common raisins verity grow in Iran including Golden, Soltana, Green raisins and Black raisins.

On the other hand, one of the main row material for processing grape into raisin is potassium Carbonate with formula of K2Co3 witch is needed to import to Iran. The annual consumption of Potassium Carbonate for Iran is approximately 3000 metric tons. Out of this quantity Negin Mashregh ARYA trading company imports more than 40% of the total need of the country (1200 M.T) every year from Italy Through fore and chemical company which produces by Altair Chimica Italy. 

Altair Chimica SpA is one of a few companies in the world which is capable of producing carbonate potassium in food-grade and the only food-grade brand available in Iran’s market. In this respect you can see the declaration letter of this company as well as the safety data sheet of potassium carbonate in the following PDF files.

Raisins Production Process

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